USATU in figures



Number of multidisciplinary research centers/institutes: 6

Annual grant expenditures (five-year average):  approx 70%

Percent of tenure-line faculty engaged in research/creative work: 65%

Approximate percent of undergraduates who participate in research:  64% 


Student Experience (Class of 2015-16)


86 percent of undergraduates participate in an internship

3  percent of undergraduates have studied abroad

90 percent of the undergraduate class are “proud to be an AU graduate”



Full-time instructional faculty: 90%

70 percent of full-time teaching faculty hold the highest degree in their field

Who teach undergraduates: 70%

Who hold doctoral or terminal degrees:  80%


Student-Faculty Ratio





Total Enrollment, degree-seeking students: 20, 000 approx.

Undergraduate: 45%

Graduate: 55%

Degree-seeking graduate students (full- and part-time): 50%

Degree-seeking undergraduates (day college): 45%

Nondegree, certificate, UFA  Semester,  Abroad: 2%

First-year undergraduates (day college): 35%

Degree-seeking undergraduates (Division of Professional and Continuing Education): 20%

New fall-semester transfer student s:  1%



Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rate


88.2% Freshman Retention Rate

81.2% of freshmen graduated from USATU within six years



 Men / women: 55% / 45%


Student Population


More than 10 countries and  more than 100 states of Russia  are represented

3 % students major in international studies

 International: 3 %

 ALA (Asian-, Latino-, African): 1%

 From out-of-state (includes international students): 40 %

 Average retention rate (first-year to sophomore; 5-year average): 89%




Average high school -  Russian model of GPA: 3.7

High level of average russian / math / physics special  tests* 70% / 70% / 70%

*USATU  has also  implemented own special tests ( Russian models of SAT/ACT test optional policy) for international applicants. 




Living in campus housing: 97%


ACADEMICS (Academic Programs)


Undergraduate majors ( Bachelor’s): more than 35

Accelerated Bachelor./master's programs (fifth year tuition-free): 3%

Master's degree programs: more than 35

Dual master's degree programs: 2%

Highest Degree Offered:       Doctor's degree - research/scholarship and professional practice

Doctoral (Ph.D. programs): more than 10

Specialist degree program (5 –year): more than 35

Additional programs: nondegree as well as certificate, associate degree programs, UFA Semester-based: 25%

Certificate programs: 4%0


Study Abroad


More than 20 USATU Abroad programs

Study abroad programs: more than 10 countries

Approximate percent of USATU undergraduates who study abroad: 3%




Most popular declared majors (includes double majors; 5-year average):

Engineering  - 45%

IT, Computer Science – 25%

Economy, Business, Management -  6% each


Class Size


23.3 average class size

16.5 average class size for graduate courses

Average undergraduate class size: 21



Living in campus housing: 97%

Percent of graduate students living on campus: 7%

Percent of undergraduates living on campus: 70%

Student clubs: 20 approx.

Sports: 17




Graduate student tuition are varied by program

Graduate student housing (on campus, per year): approx $ 5,000

Undergraduate tuition: $ 1,000 (per year)

Undergraduate room and board "lifestyle" packages: 1 ,000 - 5,000 (per year)

Meal plans only:  $1,780 - 2,140 (per year)

Percent of undergraduates who receive some form of financial aid: 89%