University Divisions

The University’s academic faculties and research centres are grouped into 3 area: Engineering; Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences; and Social Sciences. Day-to-day decision-making in matters such as finance and planning is devolved to the other special divisions. The Department for Continuing Education is the responsibility of a separate board.

 Institutes and Faculties of USATU

The Faculty of Aircraft Engine Design, Energy and Transportation Engineering

The Faculty of Avionics, Energy Engineering and Infocomm Technology

The Faculty of Informatics and Robotics

Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science

Institute of Economics and Management

General Science Faculty

Faculty of Civil Defence and Emergency Management

Institute of Military Technical Studies

Evening Study Faculty under Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO)


Satellite Campuses of USATU and Divisions of Secondary professional education of USATU

The 5 Satellite Campuses are not independent and self-governing, form a core element of the University, to which they are related in a federal system. Each Satellite Campuse is granted a charter approved by the Rector of USATU, under which it is governed by a Director of Satellite Campuse and a Governing Body comprising of a number of Fellows, most of whom also hold University posts. There are also 2 Divisions of Secondary professional education, which were founded by USATU.


Satellite Campuses of USATU

Satellite Campus in Ishimbay

Satellite Campus in Tuimazi

Satellite Campus in Kumertau

Satellite Campus in Sterlitamak

Satellite Campus in Neftekamsk


Divisions of Secondary professional education

Ufa Aviation College

Aviation Technical  College (in Kumertau)